SC101-nbd + gfs2 HOWTO

A few weeks back I found a nice peice of software that allows me to run my Netgear SC101 with linux. Since purchasing the SC101, I have been rather dissapointed by the lack of Linux support. However this was rectified by the guys on the SC101-nbd project . Thanks to thier great work I can now use the SC101 with linux and MythTV as a storage device.

As a contribution back to them, I have written an init script and a howto based on how I have setup the SC101 and linux.

The init scripts and HOWTO can be found in /data/sc101-nbd-init/ , and none of it would function with out the SC101-nbd software which can be found on thier project website .

Have fun ….

Posted by on September 3, 2007 in Brain Purge ..

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