Cisco IOS Commands I forget

These are a few of the Cisco IOS commands that I seem to forget, as I rarely use them, and when I need them can never seem to lay may hands on them. Thats one of the things I hope to start remembering as I use the CLI more …

logging synchronous
exec-timeout 0 0
no ip domain-lookup

Basically the logging synchronous command allows you to have the console showing debug output and keeps your command that you are typing visible on the cli, instead of being caught up in the debug output.

The exec-timeout 0 0 line stops your terminal session from timing out. Suggest you only use this for situations that you trust your terminal is secure, otherwise someone else may continue to use it if you forget to log out.

no ip domain-lookup for the times that you miss type a command, this will stop the miss typed command from being looked up in the DNS system.

Posted by on January 26, 2010 in Cisco, networking

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